The Braze integration allows the In Loco for Apps backend to notify Braze when a visit event is detected.

At the end of this tutorial, you should expect those events to show up on the Braze dashboard.

When your mobile app has the In Loco for Apps SDK correctly integrated, it starts generating location events, such as visits to places (1). The In Loco for Apps SDK then notifies the In Loco for Apps backend of the event occurrence (2). The event is enhanced and it is verified against the active data campaigns (premium feature). If any of those campaigns matches, a request is then generated to your Braze account (3).

An example of the event properties included in the result are the following:

Extra fields

Besides the fields presented above, some extra fields may be included. You may reach to us in case you need extra information concerning the visit.


Braze integration requires:

  • A mobile app with the In Loco for Apps SDK correctly integrated
  • A Braze account
  • An In Loco for Apps dashboard application with the Braze API Key


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